Ivan Golubev's Password Recovery Suite (or shortly IGPRS) was designed to recover various types of passwords, audit common password vulnerabilities and provide real world results for password recovery speed on different types of hardware including CPUs and GPUs systems.

This software uses low level CPU code optimizations (supporting instruction sets from MMX to most modern AVX and XOP ones) for best performance possible. Wide range of GPUs supported as well, starting from ATI 4xxx families to current top end HD 7970 one and NVIDIA's GT8600 to GTX590.

Main IGPRS window

Download x86 version here.
x64 version is available here.(x64 version contains AVX and XOP optimizations for SHA-512 used in TrueCrypt module.)

All information needed already presented at the screenshot. But probably search engines won't be happy with such presentation, so same things in plain text.

Ivan Golubev's Password Recovery Suite recovers passwords for:

Main features are:

History of changes

July, 1 2012 IGPRS 1.21. Added support for NVIDIA 6xx family, some bugs fixed, some implemented.

June, 1 2012 IGPRS 1.20. Added support for RIPEMD-160 and Whirlpool key derivation functions used in TrueCrypt.

April, 16 2012 IGPRS 1.10. Added x64 version with AVX and XOP optimizations for SHA-512 used in TrueCrypt.

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