July, 1 2012 IGPRS was updated. Added support for NVIDIA 6xx family, some bugs fixed, some implemented.

June, 1 2012 IGPRS was updated. Added support for RIPEMD-160 and Whirlpool key derivation functions used in TrueCrypt.

April, 16 2012 IGPRS was updated. Added x64 version with AVX and XOP optimizations for SHA-512 used in TrueCrypt.

February, 22 2012 New password recovery product with Apple iOS 4.x & 5.x backups, BlackBerry 5.x & 6.x backups, WPA-PMK and TrueCrypt volumes support has been released. And it's completely free for non-commercial personal use.

December 2010 MS Office and OpenOffice password recovery program with GPU acceleration is available here.

December 2010 World first program using ATI & nVidia GPUs for RAR password recovery has been updated.

November 2010 SHA1/MD5/MD4 hash cracker for ATI & nVidia GPUs has been updated.

January 2010 2010 looks like a good year to start blogging about cryptography, GPU programming, code optimizations and other things.

And 2010 in fact was a good year, so all updates about programs goes through blog, it should be first source of information here.

September, 25 2009 MD5 cracking speed estimations for HD5800 and GT300 is here.

May, 29 2009 Статья "О скоростях перебора паролей на CPU и GPU" и паролях вообще доступна тут.

English version of above article (about CPU & GPU usage for password recovery) is not available yet. Only machine translation from google here.

Almost 10 years old WinLinez still available here. Looks weird under Vista but still works.

RIP to UZPC. But Accent ZIP Password Recovery to the rescue!

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